2001 National Archives Workshop

Louisville, Ky.

Policy, Principles, and Ethics


A: Introduction

Words in Red are defined at bottom of page.

B:  "Each Group has but one primary purpose - to carry its message to the alcoholic who still suffers."

C:  "Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities."

January 30, 1997 work had begun on Tennesseestatearchives.

1: By March 30, 1998 Tennesseestatearchives.org had  began as a memorial page to Gene S. who had contributed greatly to our Group Archives as well as work with the state archives. First paper and pen were put to work and a general idea of what was to be created was sketched. As I began to build the page, with zero experience, it posed several problems. Where to start, what to start with. How do you get your work on the internet, what is a server, what is an Internet Service Provider? I began to ask around AA for people with Internet experience. I was suprised to find very little info or people with experience that were willing or had time to help. My thoughts were that this is something that I just have to do for myself and my friend that had just passed away.  I began to study HTML {Hypertext Markup Language}I was starting from scratch and learning everything as I went. Trial and Error. Then  I ran across a fellow AA that introduced  me to a program called Microsoft Frontpage 98. This program allowed me to create pages effortlessly compared to the way I was learning. Although I had to start almost new with Frontpage and learn it, as I went also. As I began to get pages made this presented another problem or two. One, creating a Domain Name. What will this site be called. I went to a few  AA's  active in Archives work and we decided to call the new site Tennesseestatearchives.org. Next problem was how and what is involved in creating the Domain Name and just what has to be done. Network Solutions - Domain Name Registration Services This was a chore itself, with no previous experience. I simply put, had to go to Networksolutions.com and create a Domain Name. At the time this was a $70.00 expense for two years Domain Registration. Today it has decreased considerably to $15.00 or less per year now. With this done yet another problem surfaced, Now I have to find a server for my files to reside on. After some research we chose a local service/server  Skyquest.com With this service purchased, usually by the month, approximately $25.00 per month at the time. I then had to learn how to move the Tennesseestatearchives.org   files from my P.C. to the new Server at Skyquest.com . This involved F.T.P. ( File Transfer Protocol) So my journey now was to learn how to get FTP and how to use it. Well it was located on the internet as a shareware or free download, http://www.ipswitch.com/Products/WS_FTP/ .Now how do you download ? After a while all this stuff is getting a littler easier.  After getting FTP I had to transfer files from my P.C. to Skyquest. These files transferred to Server now  for the first time I can or anyone with a computer and internet access can view the site on the Internet. Whew!!

    One of the first things that I had to address was the fact that I had put in Memory of Gene S. on the front page of the site. This really meant allot to me but shortly I began to realize that Anonymity didn't stop at the Grave. As I began to read and study in our traditions I began to realize that I had singled out Gene S. so I decided that I would remove Genes S. from the front page and make a place dedicated as a Memorial to deceased AA's . I began to realize that whatever I put on this site was to be viewed by anyone as well as AA's around the world.If this was going to be an AA site it had to be able to be subjected to the test of AA's around the globe. Most complaints were spelling. With this in mind I was very conscious of what content I chose to put on the site. So my personal Anonymity was very much addressed in my mind. I tried to remain as anonymous as possible. There were a couple things that made me use last name such as registering the Domain Name at Networksolutions, and the service at Skyquest. This was impossible to avoid with my level of experience. Also as I went I learned that the service part of working on this site helped me to find more about our 12 traditions. Different scenarios involved in creating this site forced me to look to the literature and to ask others what their thoughts were on certain things. Never to my knowledge has   last name's or recognizable facial photos been used on this site. There have been a few things removed at the request of AA's online. Some I didn't understand but removed to minimize the possibility of controversy.

    Many mistakes have been made. It is suprising how many folks can find words misspelled and pick out a potentially controversial topic.

Todays expenses for Area64tnarchives.org have dropped dramatically.

1: Monthly Server Space $7.77

2: Domain Name Yearly $15.00

Thats It

Yearly Total for Area64tnarchives.org website $108.24


1: The Study of our 12 Traditions  are essential when creating an AA site.

2: Experience teaches me to chisel some things in stone,such as Domain Name, Server, Internet Service Provider. So much changes on the internet prices fluctuate bargains are alluring. Often when we rotate in service we repeat our mistakes or lessons learned. It is wise to have a webmaster that gets the foundation laid so that future Chair's don't re-create months and even years of dedicated work.

3: When there is questionable material don't make it public until Archive Committee agrees.

4: Learn from your Mistakes and chalk it up as Experience and try not to make the same Mistake again.

5: How can we best carry the message to the still suffering Alcoholic via an Archives Website?

A host computer on a network that answers requests for information from it. The term server is also used to refer to the software that makes the process of serving information possible.
Internet service provider
A company that provides various kinds of Internet accounts to organizations and individuals.
Hypertext Markup Language - the coded format used to create WWW documents. html commands control how a piece of text will appear. Files in html format are viewed with a World Wide Web Client program.
domain name
The address that identifies an Internet site. Domain Names consist of at least 2 parts. The part on the left is the name of the company, institution, or other organization. The part on the right identifies the highest subdomain. This can be a country, such as ca for Canada, fr for France, or the type of organization: com for commercial; edu for educational, etc. The IP address is translated into the domain name by the DNS
(File Transfer Protocol) -- A way of moving files across networks. With FTP you can login to another Internet site and download or send files. Some sites have public file archives that you can access by using FTP with the account name "anonymous" and your e-mail address as password. This type of access is called anonymous ftp
To transfer files from one computer to another. The most common way of doing this on the Internet is by FTP
A global collection of computer networks that exchange information by theTCP/IP suite of networking protocols

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