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801 North Maney Ave

Murfreesboro, Tennessee


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View as you walk in front door of Archives.

This is painting by Mike H.


Picture in Pencil drawn by Jack F. Now hangs in Men's Restroom here at Archives


One of several enclosed case's in your Archives.


Hanging display in sitting area of Archives.


Beautiful display holding your Precious Memories


Some of these are Fireproof Filing Cabinets that hold Groups Histories, etc.


Another piece of our History


Sitting area Area 64 Archives


This is a Telegram informing of Bill W's Death date 01/25/1971


This Whimsical picture was take on Harding Road in Nashville Tennessee.


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This is a Twleve & Twelve donated by Linda D.

2ndedition.jpg (60118 bytes)


This is a Second Edition Big Book

41stshirt.jpg (63498 bytes)


41st. Tennessee State Convention Tee Shirt

bench.jpg (65950 bytes)


Hows this for a Park Bench ?

bible.jpg (63769 bytes)


This Bible was in a fire in Murfreesboro Tennessee , it was recovered by a member of our Fellowship.

bible2.jpg (35717 bytes)


The Lady this Bible was addressed to her Sister married General Douglas Mc'Author.  The Bible was signed by Sister M. Ignatia.

Theres a photograph of Sister Mary on page 186 Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers.

chainedbottle.jpg (58712 bytes)


This is an original from the Nashville Banner. The above Pencil drawn image by Jack F. was copied from a photo like this.

drbobs.jpg (49504 bytes)


Woodbines Home for many Years,

2407 Nolensville Road, Nashville,Tennessee

Donated by: Ganena A.

drbobs2.jpg (57965 bytes)



drivethruaa.jpg (70327 bytes)


Drive Thru AA was originated here at Murfreesboro Group

grapevines.jpg (68085 bytes)


Area 64 Archives has an extensive collection of Grapevines

gsodonation.jpg (62661 bytes)


This was donated along with next photo by General Srevice Office (G.S.O.)

gsodonation2.jpg (62646 bytes)


hat.jpg (60355 bytes)


Hat and Shirt from State Convention 1999

poem.jpg (68592 bytes)


Poem written by a fellow member.

poem2.jpg (73585 bytes)


problemdrinker.jpg (32755 bytes)


The Problem Drinker

shirt.jpg (37192 bytes)


Tennessee State Convention 1994

shirt2.jpg (39224 bytes)

Tennessee State Convention 1996


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