District 12

Corrections Committee Meeting

When: Sunday May 7th.

Where: Shoney's (219 N.W. Broad Street) Murfreesboro. Tn.

Time: 2:00 P.M.

If you have one year continuous sobriety, no Felony's and would like to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous into corrections facilities. Simply phone Date of Birth and Social Security Number to:

Men's Contact: David L. 615-867-3572       Mobil: 615-330-5668

Women's Contact: Ganena A. 615-867-7148

District 12 G.S.R's Please Attend

All Volunteers are requested to attend.

Our primary Purpose: The purpose of the District 12 Corrections Committee is to coordinate the work of individual AA members and Groups who are interested in Carrying the message of AA to Alcoholics behind the walls.

1: Carry A.A. meeting into Correctional Facilities.

2: Provide A.A. conference approved literature to Inmates confined.

The purpose of this meeting is to UNIFY ( cause to be one; consolidate; unite.) and to hammer out our experiences. We would like to discuss committing to one week per month at Rutherford County Jail, so volunteers will not be expected to attend every week.

Come join in this REWARDING 12th. Step Work