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How Not To Conserve Grapevines

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grapevinestorage.jpg (60812 bytes)

These Grapevines were stored standing on edge and with Rubber bands holding them together.

Although someone's intentions were good it is obvious that this will soon damage these pamphlets beyond repair.


gvstorage2.jpg (62291 bytes)

Notice the slight tear on right side where Rubber band meets edge. Also notice the bend in the Pamphlet.

gpstorage3.jpg (58189 bytes)

There's approximately 8 Grapevines here. Notice how the Rubber band is bending these Pamphlets.

gvstorage4.jpg (66373 bytes)

These Grapevines were bent double from the force of the Rubberbands.

gpstorage5.jpg (61748 bytes)

Two Grapevines middle right had no Bands, notice how Nicely preserved they are.

gvstorage6.jpg (59275 bytes)

Obvious Damage and even Tear from Bands

gvstorage7.jpg (61239 bytes)

Rubberbands begin to decompose and will even adhere to the surface causing great Damage.

gvstorage8.jpg (58889 bytes)

gvstorage10.jpg (57523 bytes)

Notice these Grapevines even after the Rubberbands were removed. This kind of damage, tears, can be prevented.

gvine1943.jpg (79607 bytes)

This Grapevine Vol. V, No. 6

November, 1948

gvoct1949.jpg (47950 bytes)

October 1949

Volume VI


Vol. V, NO. 12

May, 1949

gvjuly1956.jpg (49241 bytes)

July 1956

Volume 13 Number 2, 1956

gvbands.jpg (59161 bytes)

These did Great Damage to these Grapevines. As I stated in the beginning Someone had really good intentions when they filed and stored these Grapevines. After only a couple years you can see the damages here.

Temporary Action Taken:

1:Rubberbands were removed.

2: Grapevines were kept in order the Rubber bands kept them in, this hopefully will save on Archivists work separating by month and year again.

3:Grapevine were put back in Filing Case laying Flat and the curled Grapevines were put towards bottom with weight of others to hopefully reshape to original form.

Archivist will be notified and more action taken soon.

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