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To Whom It May Concern: Exclamation for Lapse in access to Archives Webpage


Tennessee State Archives Mailing List - http://www.daggerrose.com

Greetings from Tennessee State Archives Mailing List.

You probably realize that your site has been down for some time now. No
its not been anything you've done wrong. Yes the bill has been paid.
SIMPLY put technical red tape. No one is at fault, its just one of those
things that help to teach me and others Patience, Tolerance.

For the Technical Explanation:

When someone registers a Domain name,eg. daggerrose.com, they
have to submit billing and contact information to a place called Network
Solutions. Upon doing this the Registrant gave their information including
E-mail address.
Meanwhile there is our SERVER, that is the machine that holds or stores
our files for daggerrose.com has what they call an IP address.
These are simply numbers that are associated with that particular machine.
They are the means of directing one computer to a particular site such as
ours. Got all that?

What happened was a chain of events that couldn't possibly have been
1:Registrants e-mail account changed
2:Server changed IP address's
3:Networksolutions requires registration records to be changed by original
technical contact including original e-mail address.

So as a result of the IP address change from our Server, that requires a
change in Network Solutions files. Technical Contact was unable to access
old e-mail address. NetworkSolutions design is to keep just anyone from
changing files. It works rather well. After many hours of trial and error,
numerous phone calls, faxed forms, countless e-mails, we are now back up
and going. From this experience we are taking precautions that will
prevent this from happening in the future.

In AA Love and Service
Blue Skies


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